ARC Academy School Initiatives

The gaming industry provides an opportunity for players with talent, ambition, and the necessary skills to become future creators of video games. It is because of ARC Academy that we have taken on the task of opening the door to this promising field for youth with an interest in games through two initiatives aimed at students – Club of Interests “Video Game Development” and the career development lecture “What is it like to be a Game Developer ?”.

 The project involves the students from the Club of Interests “Video Game Development” at SPGE “John Atanasov”, headed by Mrs. Veselina Marinova.

A video game development school club is piloted in the current 2021-2022 school year.

The initiative, supported by the “America for Bulgaria” foundation, is aimed at young people in high school (grades 8-12) who are interested in video games.

Over 150 students from 18 clubs across the country are taking their first steps in creating games. At the end of the year, we are going to organize a Game Jam, where all projects will be presented.

The students look forward to our next meeting with curiosity and impatience, says Mrs. Dilyana Angelova, who leads a club in MG “Baba Tonka”, Ruse.

During this academic year, we continue to meet with students from all over the country within the framework of the lecture “What is it like to be a Game Developer?”. In October and November, over 200 students got to know the stages of the game development process and the professionals involved in it. The lecture enjoyed great interest from the students, who asked many questions about the game industry. If you want us to hold it in your school, please fill out the contact form.

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