ARC Academy introduces a new category in the “I can – here and now” competition: Game Dev

ARC Academy takes part in the national competition in information technology, informatics and visual arts for students from 7th to 12th grade hosted by  “I can – here and now”! The competition is held from June 4-6 in the town of Devin.

The competition is held for the tenth year and it involves young people and teachers from all over Bulgaria. The unique thing about the initiative is that the students are given their tasks on the spot, only after arriving at the complex in the town of Devin. In this way, they are getting closer  to the real work environment and face a problem in the field without prior preparation. Thus, they can only rely on their own knowledge, logical thinking and creativity, given that the competition is individual.
The estimated time for the implementation of the project is 7 hours, and during the rest of it, educational presentations and discussions with prominent professionals will be held. Among the lectures there are both technical ones and motivating and creative; In them the participants can ask their questions and raise topics that interest them in the field.

The categories in which students can compete cover areas from programming to graphic design, and this year for the first time they have the option to choose the category “Game Dev”. This is where the ARC Academy team joins. Our main goal is to come up with a suitable task for the students from the competition, and they will be given the choice between competing in concept art or game design. If students choose the subcategory concept art, they will have the mission to draw in a traditional or digital way a character with its main features or the environment for a hypothetical game with its corresponding atmosphere and characteristics. For those participants who prefer  game design, the main goal will be to describe its mechanics, history, levels and quests of the game.

ARC Academy provides individual feedback and instructions for the task, but the team will also present an educational lecture on the game industry and career opportunities in it. The winners of the competition receive material prizes and mentorship from the jury. There are also incentive prizes for those who ranked in the TOP 10 in each category.

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