Apply until February 28 and Join our Pre-Program for the academic year 2023/2024

91% of children under 17 play video games. According to a study by the American Pediatric Association, gaming has a number of benefits for youth, including improving cognitive function, reducing anxiety, and improving decision-making and problem-solving skills. With the development of the gaming industry, which is currently valued at over 200 billion dollars, video games are turning from a hobby into a promising career field.

Education for the game and film industries

We at ARC Academy believe that choosing a career path is very important for every young person. Our goal since the founding of the Academy is to be a bridge between students with a dream to create video games and the game industry. The Game Design, Concept art, and 3D art programs prepare students for various aspects of game studio work. Starting next year, we are adding to the picture with Game Development (Programming), which focuses on game programming.

Driven by the idea of ​​expanding our horizons and the capabilities of our students, this academic year we have also launched the VFX & Animation program, which focuses on the film industry. The potential for development in it is great since in studios in Bulgaria we are working on a number of films that are distributed worldwide on various platforms.

Students who study at ARC Academy are of different ages and experiences – both fresh out of high school and older (22-45 year-olds) looking to change their career paths. ARC’s community is international and we have students from Romania, Ukraine and Bulgaria. What they have in common is the desire to develop in the creative sphere. 85% of Academy graduates fulfill this dream and start working in the game and entertainment industries.

ARC Academy Pre-Program

To help students get to know the dynamics at ARC Academy and start their studies more prepared, we are giving them the opportunity to join a special Pre-Program for the academic year 2023/2024 starting in April 2023. All students who apply until February 28 and are approved can participate in it without an additional fee.  

The Pre-Program includes 14 online sessions in which students go through different topics – Anatomy, Composition, Perspective, Intro to 3D Modeling (Blender), Intro to Game Design, Intro to VFX and Animation (Film), and Digital Painting. Lecturers in it are part of the teachers at the Academy, who are professionals with extensive experience in the field of cinema and video games, such as Antony Christov, Sofia Hristova, etc. They set practical tasks and provide feedback to each student. Participants are introduced to some of the leading software they will use during their training such as Photoshop and Blender. This allows them to start their studies with us more confident and prepared.

Apply to ARC Academy by February 28 2023 and join the Pre-Program for the academic year 2023/2024!