ARC Academy against COVID-19

In the last month we have done everything possible to adapt to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic – we have transferred our classes online, and apart from that we are developing a complete online program. However, these activities are an adaptation to the problem, but do not contribute to its solution. That is why we decided to mobilize a very important resource of ours in support of the global fight against the coronavirus – the power of computers in our halls.

[email protected] is an international organization that supports scientists who analyze COVID-19 proteins for weaknesses that can be attacked with therapy. Traditionally, this process is performed on still images, which is not optimal, but simulating the dynamics of these proteins requires incredible computing power. This complicates the process unless you have many machines in the world that can handle this simulation.

That’s why we decided to support FAH and mobilize all our computers, which thanks to the support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation are equipped with Nvidia RTX 2070 video cards and Intel Core i7-8600 processors. During the past several weeks, they have been solving problems raised by FAH around the clock, stopping only when they are used by our students for remote work. Out of 250,000 participating organizations, ARC Academy is already among the top 3,000 in terms of contribution, and we currently use only the computers in our hall.

We call on all of you to join and together help the people who are constantly fighting to create a successful cure for COVID-19. Instructions on how you can get involved can be found here.

Thank you!