ARC Academy in partnership with the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG)

Since its launch in 2018, ARC Academy has come a long way. We are proud of the progress already made by the Academy and dare to say that our ambitions grow in direct proportion to our development.

The pursuit of progress and growth has brought us into contact with a wide range of interesting people, companies, and institutions. These were the kind of valuable relationships that resulted in the formation of a new collaboration between the American University of Bulgaria (AUBG) and ARC Academy.

One of the many shared values between ARC and AUBG is the high-quality, innovative education. We believe that this long-awaited partnership will have a substantial impact on ARC Academy’s development, resulting in a variety of positive changes.

The change of venue for our classes is one of the most crucial. We say our farewell to the hall in Sofia Tech Park with some nostalgia, but we look forward to the start of the next academic year in the Center for Education and Culture “Elieff”!

We are confident that the collaboration with AUBG will benefit our students and provide them with an even wider range of opportunities. Joint activities and initiatives are planned that will significantly improve the educational process at ARC Academy and expand the possibilities for professional development after it’s completion.

In addition to academic cooperation, ARC and AUBG are planning campaigns aimed at uniting the Bulgarian Game Dev community and providing it with a creative outlet. This activity will take a variety of forms, ranging from one-time educational events to esports contests.

Follow our social media channels for more information regarding our cooperation with AUBG. There’s still a lot of exciting news to come!