ARC Academy is looking for professionals with strong motivation to share their knowledge and experience

We at ARC are proud of the fact that all of our teachers work in their fields and are experienced practitioners. They are our stars and the main reason for the great interest in our programs. That interest creates an even greater need for instructors, so right now, ARC Academy is actively looking for professionals with strong motivation to share their knowledge and experience with our students. Needless to say, comfortable working knowledge of English, is an important requirement.

Which are the disciplines we are in search of talent?



Deep understanding of the rules and principles of geometric and organic perspective, and ability to showcase demonstrations for the students.


Creating practical oriented assignments, help with their execution and givе individual feedback.

Digital painting


Extensive experience in the film or game industry.


Good knowledge of Photoshop and the ability to teach various efficient means for achieving the desired visual effect.

Familiarity with the work of contemporary concept artists and the ability to offer critical analysis.

3D modelling


Good knowledge of various 3D modelling software as well as professional experience using them.

Preferably at game studios.


Imagination and willingness to search for creative ways to fire up the interest in the young creators, by putting together challenging, yet doable assignments and homework.

Ability to calibrate approach to individual students with different levels of experience.

3D Animation


Extensive experience as an animator at a film or game studios.


Readiness to teach basics to students with little real knowledge, as well as creating assignments and exercises for more advanced.

Looking to the future, we anticipate that ARC Academy will need professionals from various game dev related fields, so if you feel the inspiration to teach and share your knowledge, please reach out to us.

We would love to have you in mind, as various teaching positions come up.

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