ARC Academy participates in the exhibition “World Education”

In the past two weeks, ARC Academy has participated in the educational exhibition of the World Education Fair in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Bucharest! Our team received many inquiries from students and parents, and we decided to interview one of the founders of the academy, Anthony Christov, who will share his impressions of this exciting experience!

ARC: Hello, Anthony. Let’s start with what was the main goal of ARC Academy in this exhibition?

A: The idea of ​​the World Education Fair is to present universities from countries such as Great Britain, Germany, France, etc. The goal of ARC Academy is to help straighten the game dev industry in Bulgaria, by enlarging the talent pool.

In Bulgaria we have young people with great potential to help the country develop culturally, educationally and economically. Of course, the process is two-way and we must first help them in their professional qualification and knowhow.

ARC: What impressed you most about the students and their parents who visited the exhibition?

A: In Bulgaria, many people realized for the first time that there is an academy like ours that offers game development programs. Upon finding out about ARC, It was great to see how relieved some parents were, that their children don’t have to go abroad to study game dev.

The youngsters we spoke to were incredibly talented, and they were pleasantly surprised when we told them about the lecturers at the academy, all of whom are professionals working in global companies. Another thing I noticed was that many of the parents and students weren’t aware of the various professional paths one could take in the game dev industry. One mother asked if a game designer was a real profession, because her son, after a long conversation with a career specialist, came to the conclusion that this was his vocation, and she was not sure if a game designer existed as a profession at all.

ARC: What were the most frequently asked questions about the academy?

A: We received many inquiries about the lecturers at the academy, as well as questions about how a program works, what are the lectures, what is concept art, level design, animation, 3D modeling and other specifics of developing a game. The students from Romania were  surprised that the academy was in Bulgaria, and the feedback from them was very positive. Most shared that they have visited Sofia and liked the city very much, and we are hoping to accept our first Romanian students soon.

ARC: Which of the two programs was more interesting for the audience – Game Dev Fundamentals or Game Dev Advanced?

A: There was a strong interest in both programs, but certainly many more are interested in the fundamentals program, because it teaches the basics, and the advanced game program is for people with a little more experience in general. Interestingly, most young people play games but do not realize that they can get involved in the process of creating them and the academy is the right place to start this time. We also plan to take part in the exhibition in the coming years, as well as in other forums, in order to introduce as many people as possible to our mission.

To become part of the academy, there’s still time to enroll in one of the three programs at ARC Academy. Early application ends on March 31, and you can submit a portfolio and CV on the ARC website. 

Very soon we are introducing online training, which will allow students to watch lectures offline at a time convenient for them. They will have the full opportunity to present their projects digitally, ask questions, and receive feedback from the lecturers. If you are interested you can fill in the form below: