ARC Academy students visited Worldwide FX studio in Sofia

To go through Rome, London, and New York within an hour. It is possible at Nu Boyana Film Studio, where ARC Academy students were invited by the visual effects studio Worldwide FX.

Although the temperatures were sub-zero, it was fascinating for everyone to walk around the sets, among which films such as Rambo: Last Blood, Till Death, Hitman’s Bodyguard, Hellboy, London has Fallen, and others were filmed. Our guide was Daniela Yavasheva, HR at the studio, who showed us a 1:1 replica of St Paul’s Cathedral in London, the hall where the stunt performers train and a three-story building that serves as the production wardrobe.

After walking through the sets, we entered WorldWide FX’s motion capture studio. Four of the students had the opportunity to wear mo-cap suits. These costumes took some time to put on and adjust, but the fun that ensued was worth it.

The students also learned more about how 3D animation is made for films and entered a studio where over 65 cameras capture a model. Some of the most famous Hollywood actors have been in this studio.

The students were excited and asked questions about everything that interested them. Thanks to our partners at Worldwide FX for the opportunity to “dive” into the world of cinema!

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