ARC Academy team in Bucharest – inspiring meetings, new partnerships, and initiatives

The knowledge and skills that students acquire at ARC Academy prepare them for a career in the game industry, not only in Bulgaria but also in international studios that create world-famous titles. It is for this reason that turning ARC Academy into an international educational institution is a logical goal for which we are working hard. In the coming academic year, international students from Romania, Ukraine, Russia, and Italy start their studies with us.

Developing partnerships with game studios and institutions in our northern neighbour is among ARC’s priorities. From September 24 to 26, our team visited Bucharest, where they participated in events, and lectures. We had many pleasant and beneficial meetings with representatives of the game industry.

On September 24, we participated in the biggest educational event in Romania – Integral World Education Fair. The exhibition was visited by over 800 people. Milin Djalaliev, co-founder of ARC Academy, and Mladen Borisov, marketing director, spoke with over 80 students from grades 10 to 12 and their parents, who were keenly interested in our programs – Game Design, Concept Art, 3D Art, and Programming.

Together with our partners from AMC Ro Studio, we held a masterclass on How to Build a Career (Animation & Gaming) for CINETic UNATC students. ARC Academy co-founder Antony Christov told the aspiring artists more about his work at Pixar and gave them valuable guidance on how to approach different professional situations.

Antony gave them some advice on how to deal with the anxiety that their work as artists can cause. The most important of which was not to associate their sense of self-worth with their art and their work.

He told the students: “You’re going to have good days and bad days, and it’s important to respect and love yourself as a person without associating it with your profession”.

Kaloyan Kalamov, Junior 3D Character Artist at AMC Ro Studio, talks about what education and skills are needed to start working at a game studio. He gave valuable advice to students on how to prepare their portfolios and start their first studio job. Here is a link to his presentation.

Our team had meetings with our Romanian partners from Amber and Gameloft Romania studios, with whom we are preparing interesting joint projects.

At the invitation of the Romanian Game Dev Association (RGDA), ARC Academy will participate in the Dev Play international conference (October 24 and 25), where we are preparing a special workshop. We will tell you more about it soon!

“What impressed me the most is how open everyone is to us,” said Antoni Hristov. “In ARC Academy, young people from Romania see an opportunity to start their career in video games ” added Milin Djalaliev.

At ARC, we believe the best is yet to come and are dedicated to the mission of helping dreamers become professionals.