ARC Podcast #2 – Interview with Boris Simeonov from “Game Dev Advanced”

ARC Academy is where game development and art intersect, and the students, their stories, and successes are what inspire us and push us forward in our development. Today we bring you a different interview than the ones we’ve done so far. We invited Boris Simeonov from the “Game Dev Advanced” program to tell you about the Academy and the path he takes until he finds the right place for himself.

More about Boris:

Boris is from the first graduating class of the ARC program “Game Dev Advanced” and one of the many young talents who have been searching for their calling for a long time, until one day they found it in 3D art. The academy helps him to develop his skills but also to meet industry professionals. Today, Boris is part of the Snapshot Games team as a Junior 3D Environment Artist.

ARC Academy · ARC Podcast #1 – Interview with Boris Simeonov from “Game Dev Advanced”

Podcast Timeline:

  • The road to ARC Academy – 00:55 – 03:27
  • How I became a student at the Academy – 03:40 – 05:33
  • 3D modeling and how the ARC lectures work – 05:50 – 06:36
  • Online learning and has it changed the daily life of students? 06:58 – 07:25
  • How is collaboration with other students? 07:41 – 08:34
  • The professional path that leads to Snapshot Games 08:55 – 12:20

Works by Boris Simeonov can be found at Artstation.