Webinar: Become part of the film industry with ReDefine studio and ARC Academy!

Date: June 1 / 7:30 pm

Location: Facebook, YouTube & Twitch 


  • Lazarin Kouchev, CG Supervisor @ ReDefine
  • Dragostin Valev, 2D Supervisor @ ReDefine
  • Angel Angelov, Head of DMP @ ReDefine
  • Rositsa Gardjeliyska, Senior artist at Texturing Dep @ ReDefine
  • Petar Bakalov, Senior artist at Animation Dep @ ReDefine
  • Svetlin Tsonev, Senior artist at Modeling / Environment artist @ ReDefine

ARC Academy is a place where young talents make their first steps towards professional development in the entertainment, gaming, and film industries. On June 1, at 7:30 pm together with ReDefine studio, we will present the new program for VFX & Animation, which will start from the new school year (October 2022) at ARC Academy. The program is for anyone who has an interest in visual effects and animation in the film industry and wants to develop a career in this field.

ReDefine studio professionals will tell you more about:

  • The various disciplines in the program – Modeling, Texturing, and Lookdev for VFX, 3D animation, lighting, digital matte drawing, and composing.
  • The difference in profiling in 2D or 3D VFX & Animation
  • The software that students will study – Maya, Nuke, Zbrush, and others.
  • Opportunities for work after graduating from the Academy.

Join us on ARC Academy’s social networks at 7:30 pm.