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ARC Academy Craft Your Career in Games with our Distance Learning Programs.


Access Flexible Game Development Education with ARC Distance Learning

ARC Distance Learning is a flexible learning program which helps aspiring students to enter the game development industry. Our program is created by renowned industry professionals in order to provide industry-relevant teaching. Students can specialize in Game Design, Concept Art and 3D Modeling. Each program lasts for two years, 4 semesters in total, providing a comprehensive learning journey.

The ARC Distance Learning Program offers a dynamic learning experience based on guidance from industry experts and access to various educational materials. Students will receive feedback and learn how to structure their work so as to be studio ready upon their graduation.

Whether you are diving into Game Design,exploring the realms of Concept Art, or mastering the art of 3D Modeling, ARC Distance Education is your gateway to acquiring the skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in the game industry. Our programs are crafted to prepare students for the evolving landscape of game development, fostering creativity and collaboration throughout their educational journey.

Kickstart your career in game development About the ARC Distance Learning Program?

ARC Academy is a crossing point of entrepreneurs and artists from globally acclaimed studios. This blend of experience allows us to create a learning environment, preparing students for the game development world as it is. We combine expertise with contemporary methods of teaching so successful applicants can get industry-relevant knowledge…. from anywhere. Our schedule allows you to combine your studies with work, further education, and whatever keeps you busy.

Year ARC Academy was established


Year ARC Academy was established

400+ alumni

of the teachers are employed in the game dev sector


of the teachers are employed in the game dev sector
of ARC graduates start a career in the game and creative industries


of ARC graduates start a career in the game and creative industries


ARC Academy aims to provide a productive learning space where students can build strong game development fundamentals and build upon them to be industry-ready by the time of their graduation. In the first semester, students will go over the essentials of their chosen field, whether that is Game Design, Concept Art, or 3D Art. Gradually the students will elevate their skills and see how they fit in the complete picture through their Production Skills classes. The 4th semester is a Game Lab – everyone comes together to create a real video game. At the end of their studies, each participant in the program will have a strong portfolio to share and get their first job in game development.

Apply now and start your gaming and creative career with ARC Academy!

Regular Admission
(until places are filled):
July 31, 2023

Game Lab - students’ final project

This is the pinnacle of the Game Development Distance Learning Program. Students from each field join forces and create their first game, supported by mentors. The process is like in the indie studio. We have 4 game projects coming out of our Game Lab, some of them market-ready.


Проекти на нашите партньори

Industry partnership

Bulgaria has established itself as a reliable source of talent for some of the best game creators worldwide. That is why in the past couple of decades some of the most successful game studios have started operating locally. We at ARC Academy have a strong partnership with them to keep our teaching process up to the highest industry standards. Here are some of our partners:

Snapshot Games, part of Saber Interactive –  a U.S.-based developer and publisher of video games consisting of over 20 studios and more than 2,500 employees worldwide. Отдолу видео на Боби.

Creative Assembly: A British 36-year-old studio based in the UK and Bulgaria. Famous for its Total War franchise, Halo Wars 2, and many more.

Gameloft: studios all over the world including the USA, Australia, Canada, South-East Asia and more. The Sofia studio is a mobile games powerhouse. It has worked on more than 190 titles and has over 200 million downloads of its games.

Graduates now working at games studios The best way to feel the vibe within ARC Academy is to hear about it firsthand from those who’ve already experienced it – our students.

Процес по кандидатстване

Повече информация за изискванията, процеса по кандидатстване и сроковете
можете да откриете на страница Прием.

Форма за кандидатстване

Форма за кандидатстване

Заявлението включва лична информация, CV, портфолио и мотивация за обучение в Академията. Трябва да приложите и сертификата си за владеене на английски език.



Интервюто е възможност да представите себе си като качествен кандидат за ARC Academy.

Практическа задача

Практическа задача

Като последна стъпка ще ви бъде дадена задача с конкретни условия в зависимост от избраната от вас специалност.