Chris and Raden – Participants in the Online Course “How to Become a Game Developer”

Chris and Radien are among the students who attended ARC’s online course “How to Become a Game Developer”. The two young people, who have decided to develop in the game industry, filmed a special video for their school and classmates from PG “Asen Zlatarov” – Vidin, in which they share their impressions of the course.

  • What is your opinion about the online course “How to Become a Game Developer”?

Christian: I think the course was very useful. I was impressed not only by the amazing lectures and speakers, but also learned a lot about the game industry in general – for example, the role of everyone in a company in making a game.

  • How did you decide to make a video talking about the course?

Christian: After the course, my classmate Raden and I realized how useful and interesting the course was and how it would actually help more people who are considering going into this industry. So we decided to make a video explaining why we think so and why it would be useful.

  • What were your favorite lectures from the course and why?

Christian: Personally, for me, the lectures on the “hardware” of a game and on level design, which gives them life, were the most interesting because from them I understood how the codes help the games and turn them into what we know them to be, and how the level designers create incredible atmospheres as well as quests that break the feel of the ordinary game.

  • Which role in the gaming industry would you choose to work in?

Raden: The profession in the game industry that I would like to pursue in the future is 2d and 3d character artist. I’ve always been interested in this part of game development, and that’s why I hope to do it in the future.

  • What are your favorite games?

Raden: My favorite games are Assassin’s Creed (all games in the series), Counter Strike Global Offensive, and the FIFA series. I like these games because I find their gameplay interesting and I can play them whenever I want.