Dobromir Georgiev, student at ARC Academy, about the inspiration from training in the creative field

Dobromir Georgiev is a Game Design student at ARC Academy. He has been interested in art since he was younger, and over time he developed this interest into a hobby, which he works on in his spare time.

What inspires you, and how did you get into the creative field?

Stories, experiences, and everyday life. I draw inspiration from everywhere. For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in creating small, isolated worlds. The opportunity to create a specific moment in which people can be transferred, explore and feel all kinds of emotions, prompted me to start my path in the creative field.

How did you find ARC Academy, and why did you decide to apply?

I accidentally came across information about the ARC from friends. It didn’t take long to dig in and find more details about what the Academy offered as an opportunity. Working at the time on a small hobby game project, I was sure that I wanted to be in this industry, and coming across ARC, I knew that this was a great opportunity for me to develop in this direction.

What skills did you gain in the Pre-Program, and did it help you adapt to the Academy?

The Pre-program gave me a good start by solidifying the foundation I already had. It also opened my eyes to 3D modeling, which I still benefit from to this day.

What are your impressions of the training so far?

I am satisfied with the training. The lecturers constantly check for questions from the students and make sure everyone has absorbed the information they have conveyed. I didn’t have much experience and interest in creative writing before ARC, and for that, I am very grateful to the lecturer who taught us – Vladimir Poleganov. Unexpectedly, my interest in writing in a freer style was raised by the different types of assignments.

What advice would you give to someone wondering whether to apply to the Academy?

Don’t hesitate and give a chance to ARC Academy. The environment is extremely electrifying, you will meet amazing people and have the opportunity to develop your skills.

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