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get creative and win great prizes


Starts: 19.02.2021

Deadline: 14.03.2021 г.

Requirements: Motivation and willingness to learn new skills

Level: Rookie / Career shift

The challenge

Since it’s establishment ARC Academy has been on a mission to identify and support talents in pursuing their dream of joining the game industry. This challenge is designed to put your creativity to the test and open up a whole new range of possibilities to everyone who wants to step up their GAME!

Participants can choose their profile between Concept art, 3D Modelling and Game Design and try their best to impress the star jury.

Continue reading and see if you have what it takes.

The award

The top 3 submitted concepts/ideas win:

* 50% scholarship for ARC Academy’s online game program

* А full year of Artstation PRO subscription.

Additionally, every participant who submitted their idea is guaranteed to get a free 1-month Artstation PRO trial!

step it up!

No matter if you are just making your first steps in the professional world or you are seeking opportunities to switch your career to game, our Game Dev Fundamentals Online (GDFO) program is designed to equip you with the skill set needed to kickstart your journey. 

Thought by industry professionals with years of experience in global AAA companies, this value packed online program let’s you choose your game right from the start, offering three different profiles: Game Design, Concept Art or 3D Modelling.

The format includes video-on-demand lectures and live feedback sessions with the mentors combining the best of both worlds. 

Sounds good? Learn more here.


The background story

A big game studio is hiring for a new project. The project is going to be developed from scratch, so the only thing they have is a super condensed summary of the story which should serve as a basis for the game. The project urgently needs a lead game designer, a lead concept artist and a lead 3D artist in order to get things rolling. Read the short plot below and choose the role you’d like to apply for.

“You are an ordinary delivery neuron living in the overcrowded brain city “New Rome”. During one of your regular trips to the far edges of the right leg you found a mysterious anomaly that threatens all the synapses in the body.”

Your job

Choose ONE of the following tasks depending on the role you are applying for:

2D Concept Art:

Show us your conceptual thinking and draw how you imagine one of the characters or the environment in the game. Submit up to 3 concepts and include a brief description, explaining the key characteristics of the character/environment. Including sketches, hinting to the development process will be of an advantage.

3D Modeling Art:

We are aware that many are just starting their 3D journey, so we want to see imagination and not skills.

Turn your 3D ambitions into a 2D draft of the main character or the environment or find your own unique way to showcase your remarkable imagination (using clay, paper, stop motion animation or whatever works for you). Submit images plus a brief description of the key characteristics of the character/environment.

Game Design:

You want to be the lead game designer?  Awesome! 

Design a 2D platformer game and submit a design document following the structure below:

  • Summary (max. ½ page)
  • Description of the main character and the story (max. ½ page)
  • 2 game mechanics (max. 1 page each)
  • List of game elements: objects, enemies, weapons, etc. (max. 1 page)
  • Exemplary level design including 2D plan/drawing
  • Victory and losing conditions (max. 2 pages)
  • (Optional:) Suggestion for further development of the game/story (max. 1 page)

The timeline

Keeping up with deadlines and timelines is one of the most critical skills in the game industry. You will need to show that you are capable of maintaining highest level of creativity while performing under pressure in order to impress your future employer.

  • Think about your talents and interest and pick your task wisely 
  • Take your time to gather inspiration and motivation
  • Start working on your ideas
  • Get in touch if you need clarification (
  • Submit your task until 00:00 (GMT) on 15. March 2021

The jury

Judging someone else’s work is often the hardest part in every competition. That is why we choose to entrust this job to professionals with decades of experience in creative industries who have been involved in a wide range of competitions, both as jury and participants. These also happen to be some of the mentors in our online program which some of you may be part of!

Remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression.


Submit your task

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