Graduation of the first ARC students

A year ago, ARC Academy opened its doors and welcomed its first students. We met many young talents who are inspired to learn and improve.

Of course, our mission is to help improve them by inspiring them and giving them the opportunity to learn from the experience and knowledge of practitioners working at our partner studios Gameloft, Creative Assembly, Snapshot Games, and Ubisoft. We know that the game industry has a huge potential for development, so we created the programs “Game Dev Fundamentals” and “Game Dev Advanced“. During the training, our students were able to get acquainted with the art of creating a video game, as well as to develop their talent in the field that is most interesting to them. Of course, we also introduced them to various professionals from the game industry, who became not only their teachers but their friends as well. We visited some of the biggest game studios in Bulgaria such as Gameloft Sofia and Creative Assembly Sofia to show the creative atmosphere in which video games are created.


I have a better idea now ​​how my colleagues work and how I would present myself in the future 

 Boris Simeonov – a student in the Game Dev Advanced program.


For the talents who find inspiration in marketing, we have implemented the entire program for building and developing brands – “Advertising and Brand Management”. During the year, our students had the opportunity to work on real brand cases of Econt, stores Mania, KFC, Lillet, Nova Brasilia and RiceUP. They managed to develop their ideas and creativity, as we faced them with the challenges of the real business environment. And as they shared, during their training they not only gained knowledge and experience, but also developed many personal qualities.


The academy presented me with interesting challenges, one of which is teamwork, as we had to make friends with the people on our team and find a common language.

– Ivan Berberov, a student at Advertising and Brand Management.


We are extremely pleased that together we have overcome the challenges of this year – we have successfully moved to online learning, while maintaining the cohesion of our ARC community.


We waited, we listened, we asked, we laughed… Honestly, I even somehow felt the students’ eyes on me!

 – Anastasia Tomeshkova, who gave the first online lecture at the Academy


Here, a year later, we celebrated the graduation of our ARC alumni! The event took place in Sofia Tech Park and involved both our students and our partners and lecturers. On the day of graduation, the students from the Game Dev Advanced program presented their final presentations. Later our students from the three programs – “Game Dev Fundamentals”, “Game Dev Advanced” and “Advertising and Brand Management” received their certificates for successful completion at ARC Academy.

We wish them good luck and we know that this is just the beginning of a lifelong friendship.

To become part of our ARC community, there’s still an opportunity to apply for the program that inspires you the most! The new school year starts this fall, and we look forward to our new talents.