Great interest in the first Open Doors Day at ARC Academy this year

Over 100 people attended this year’s first Open Doors Day at ARC Academy. We welcomed young people who are interested in learning about games and the film industry, as well as their parents. The main topics of the event were the benefits of Early Admission and the new program – Game Programming, which starts in the fall.

ARC Academy co-founders Antony Christov and Milin Djalaliev noted that the focus of the Academy is to make the connection between young talents and the game and film industries.

“The Academy has 55 teachers and mentors who work in these fields, which is proof that the studios see value in what we do,” said Antony Christov.

Borislav Bogdanov, art director at Snapshot Games and program director at ARC Academy, presented the programs Concept art, 3D art, Game Design, and VFX & Animation.

Borislav Bogdanov, Program Director at ARC Academy

We also introduced the new program – Game Programming, which will be launched in October. Nikolay Dimitrov, CTO at Gameloft and creator of the program, spoke more about the two-year training in video game programming. Applicants will be admitted with a test to determine their level. In the last semester, together with students from the other programs – Concept art, 3D art, and Game Design, they will develop a video game.

Nikolay Dimitrov, Program Director Game Programming

Evgeniy Tenev, a lead producer at Creative Assembly and producer of the game project in the last semester, shared more about the so-called Game Lab. In it, students put everything they have learned so far into practice.

“We clone the situation in a game studio, with everyone having a role and responsibilities, explained Evgeniy.

He added that it is extremely rare to find such an environment as the Academy offers. For him, the role of the professors is to help and guide the students and find the people who want to devote themselves to the game industry.

Three of the current students at ARC Academy – Kalina Stanoeva, Petar Atanasov, and Orlin Ivanov told about their experience of their studies so far and their participation in the Pre-Program. At ARC Academy, we’re giving everyone who applies until the end of February the opportunity to join a series of online classes where they’ll learn about the software we use and get hands-on assignments and feedback from lecturers before the start of the academic year.

“The Pre-program gives you an idea of where you are in your skills. It is very useful to have an earlier start”, said Peter.

He added that for him, the feedback he receives from the teachers is very valuable and gives everyone the opportunity to develop at their own pace.

If you want to be a part of the Pre-Program for the academic year 2023/2024, apply by the end of February. You will find more information about the Early Application at the link.

After the presentation, the guests had the opportunity to ask their questions, chat with the team and enjoy pizza courtesy of our friends at Domino’s.