How do games develop our critical thinking skills?

Keeping your brain in shape is just as important as taking care of your body. At ARC Academy, we believe that gaming is a great way to have fun and develop important skills in young people. That’s why we’re starting a series of posts where we’ll talk more about how video games can be good for young people (and more).

So-called “soft skills” are very valuable in modern society. To be adequate in the professional world, developing our ability to learn and think analytically is extremely important. According to a number of studies, video games offer different ways to achieve this.

Here are some of them:

Games are an exercise for the mind

Games are a great way to exercise our minds, and the millennial generation is the first to realize this. Contrary to outdated beliefs, time spent on Minecraft (or any other game) is not wasted.

Gaming develops analytical thinking

Games have long ceased to be a “children’s” activity. On the contrary, a number of complex titles make the brain face many challenges and look for solutions to the problems that arise. This requires analytical thinking—considering all possible solutions—and implementing an effective strategy to win. If it is missing, obstacles in video games can prevent the player from reaching the next level, which in turn brings him a feeling of frustration.

Games improve problem-solving ability… 

Players who are able to effectively analyze each obstacle and make the most skillful moves are usually the best. More complex video games train problem-solving skills as well as analytical abilities.

… and overcoming difficulties

In video games, sometimes surprising events occur that “catch” players off guard, forcing them to think quickly to overcome the obstacles that arise. Playing video games improves one’s ability to make effective decisions in dynamic environments, a valuable skill in the real world as well.

Video games improve memory

To advance to the next stage of a game, the player needs to remember certain events that happened in a certain sequence. In other words, it is quite appropriate to say that video games improve memory.

Strategies – a favorite genre of millions of players 

Strategy games are exciting, entertaining, and useful. That’s right, one of the most popular genres develops a number of skills, the most important of which is critical thinking. In the following lines, we will introduce you to some of the most famous representatives of the genre.


There’s a reason why Minecraft is an absolute hit with kids and teens. In it, players build worlds using virtual blocks. They must also mine the necessary materials to craft tools, food, clothing, and anything else they need to sustain their environment. Different game modes allow players to see how different plans come to fruition. If one doesn’t work, they can build their world from scratch.


Despite its recent release, Humankind is an innovative strategy game that is an innovative strategy game that, despite its recent release, has quickly become a fan favorite in the genre. In it, the player must first create his own civilization and then control how it develops. He makes choices – to take care of the education of society by building a school or to invest in military endeavors. Also, makes strategic decisions that test his critical thinking.

The Age of Empires

The Age of Empires series is among the most famous strategies, and the latest, the fourth part of it, is coming out very soon (October 28). Unlike Humankind, in the series behind Microsoft (different studios have developed the individual parts over the years), the player does not have to create his civilization from scratch, but collects resources and builds a strong nation, while at the same time a different type and skill opponent tries to destroy him. This keeps the player in constant tension, as any mistake could have serious consequences for the prosperity of his people. Strong emotions aren’t the only thing Age of Empires fans get. The game greatly improves their ability to make decisions, and solve problems, as well as their ability to learn.

Besides being a hobby and entertainment, video games are a very good way to develop skills and competencies that are essential for success in the modern world. More and more parents and teachers are convinced of this and encourage young people to continue practicing their favorite activity, and why not turn it into their dream profession.


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