“How does it work”… – interview with the ARC students of Game Dev Advanced

The students of the Game Dev Advanced program had the opportunity to present part of their projects during an interview for the Bulgarian National Television  – BNT2 for the rubric – ‘’Innovativno”. We decided to share with you what they presented and how one ARC student is working in the academy.


Project 1: Blood Moon

The historical period is the Russo-Turkish war, and the main character is a samurai named Takeshi, who lives in the village of Bumalcha with his beloved Ivana. Takeshi defends the Bulgarians, and they build a Japanese pagoda as a token of gratitude to him. One night, Takeshi is possessed by a Japanese demon and unknowingly kills everyone in the village, including his wife. A Bulgarian stabs the Japanese hero and kills the demon in him, but Takeshi wakes up and doesn’t remember anything. The path to seeking answers is long and dangerous, but the samurai must go all the way to learn the truth.

The intertwining of Bulgarian and Japanese mythology and history is a challenge for the team of students, and the main goal of the game is to be as photorealistic as possible, which makes the development process much more difficult and slow.

Project 2:

Project title: The Road to Australia

Australian mythology and the duality of worlds are the inspiration for the project of the second team from ARC Academy. Various magical worlds and creatures, a civilization of mimics responsible for the balance of the world, interesting gameplay and characters, all this is part of a game developed by the students.

The main character Svet suffers a shipwreck during his voyage to Australia. Svet finds himself on an unknown island and while exploring it he finds himself on a portal that is a door to a magical jungle. Svet gets to know the inhabitants of this jungle – the mimics and learns about the imbalance in nature and how it affects the two worlds.

Project 3:

Project title: Ascend

If for some, mythology is a source of inspiration, for others that can be movies like Van Helsing and The Underworld. The protagonist of the game is a teenage boy who is the direct heir of Count Dracula. Trapped in the mysterious Necrofen area of ​​Transylvania, the hero dies in an attempt to save his bride from werewolves. His beloved is preparing a ritual for his revival, and one of the ingredients in the ritual is you! You wake up in  Castle Dark with a mysterious skull-like face mask, you don’t know who you are, why you are in this place, but instinct tells you one thing – run! The escape from the castle is dangerous, and the clues you find gradually reveal the truth. You are not just part of the ritual, but a sacrifice, and your mask is forged from the blood of innocent victims.

If you want to learn more about how students develop at ARC Academy and how the process of developing a project goes, watch the special report on BNT2!