How to Help Children Discover the Creative and Technological Profession in the Future? 

“How to help children discover their creative and technological profession of the future” was the topic of a discussion organized by the ARC Academy. The results of a survey of parents’ attitudes towards the game industry, conducted by the marketing agency BluePoint, were also presented. 

80% of parents have a positive attitude towards the game industry and believe their children could have a career in it. In 90% of the surveyed families, there is someone who plays video games. 

“The game industry is welcoming to people with different interests and skills – artists, designers, programmers, producers, testers, marketers. In this field, a programmer can be as creative as an artist, ”said Tanko Shokerov, studio manager at Gameloft Sofia.

“Games develop different qualities such as teamwork, perseverance, and leadership. We at ARC Academy also emphasize this”, said the co-founder of the Academy Milin Djalaliev.

He added that he notices a positive change on the part of parents – they know the interests of their children and take them into account when choosing education and career paths. 

“At ARC Academy, my son saw the real side of the game industry and got an idea of ​​his place in it,” said Tanya Tocheva, a lawyer and parent of an ARC student.

She advised parents to listen to their children and let them gain their own experiences. According to her, it is very harmful not to allow your child to go his own way.

The director of 51 High School “Elisaveta Bagryan”, Sofia – Asen Alexandrov pointed the importance of the educational system and business to work together in educating future employees. He added that we need to get used to the fact that a person learns throughout his life.

This opinion was also supported by Milin Djalaliev. “Learning is an ongoing process and when it comes to education, there are no wrong choices.” The co-founder of the ARC Academy cites statistics showing that 75% of students at the Academy are under the age of 20 and the rest are over.

“For modern youth, education and the professional path are not a ladder, but a wall to climb,” said Milin Djalaliev.

“The only wrong career choice a person can make is to do something he hates,” said Tanko Shokerov.

He said that he entered the game industry at the age of 33. Gameloft Sofia’s studio manager highlighted the important role played by the ARC Academy in training people who want to work in the video game industry. He and his colleagues have said that they would have loved to be part of a place like ARC Academy 20 years ago when they took their first steps in gaming.

The participants in the discussion agreed that the main task of parents, when their children choose their professional path, is to inform, listen to and support them.

If you are a parent whose child is about to take this important step, you can check out the ARC Academy programs here.

A record of the discussion follows: