Ideas and planning at the beginning, now the start

After 8 months of ideas, planning, meetings, wrong turns and restart, and pretty much everything that goes with such adventures, the hour of truth is here.

We are starting ARC Academy with the idea to build a learning platform for future creators.

What motivates is the desire to help young people develop their potential in the areas of game, branding, film and interior design – the arc of the content producing and design fields!

Not only are we convinced that we can offer a reason for young bright people to stay in the country and realize their potential here, but we also believe that Bulgaria can become a desirable destination for international students, as well as producers in search of partners in their quest to create meaningful content.

The process has already begun, we are only aiming at helping accelerate it.

So in order not to stay with our aspirations only, we are starting this fall, 2019, with our first three programs – that of game development, digital arts fundamentals and branding.

Best news – we are already partnering with the best global companies in the country – Chaos Group, Creative Assembly, Gameloft, Ubisoft, for the game program.

For the branding one, we are partnering with Saatchi & Saatchi, Econt and  VUM.

For the location, and the place where our learning will take place, we are partnering with Sofia Tech Park.

Last, but by no means least, the people who handed us a helping hand at the very beginning – BEC (Bulgarian Entrepreneurial Center).

Forever grateful to that outfit!

There are choices coming our way!