Ivana Panayotova, student at ARC Academy – for her path to art and the Academy

Ivana Panayotova is 19 years old from Panagyurishte. She is a student in the Concept Art program at ARC Academy and has been drawing

for as long as she can remember. We asked her a few questions about her passion for art and studying at the Academy. See what she answered:

What inspires you, and how did you get into the creative field?

I am inspired by the little things in life, everyday events, emotions, interesting films, and plots. I would say that I have had an affinity for art since I was little. I can’t imagine doing anything else, I want to draw and develop.

How did you find ARC Academy, and why did you decide to apply?

I got into the academy quite by accident. In 2021 ARC Academy was running a full scholarship competition in my field. There were 3 days left until the final deadline and I spontaneously decided to participate. When the day came to announce the winner, I didn’t receive an email and I was devastated. After a week, I received a call from Petya Grigorova (Director of Student Success) and it turned out that the message had gone to the spam folder, and I had won my place at the Academy. I waited a year to graduate high school and now I’m here.

What skills did you gain in the Preparatory Program, and did it help you adapt to the academy?

The mentoring program helped me overcome my fear of 3D art. Thanks to it, I now work more freely with Blender.

What are your impressions of the training so far?

I am satisfied with the training. I gained some important skills I will need to become a good artist.

What advice would you give to someone wondering whether to apply to the Academy?

I would say not to wonder too much and just write it down. You will find yourself in an extremely motivating and creative environment.

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