Konstantin Grozev – student in the program Game Dev

Konstantin Grozev – Kotsi is a first year student at ARC Academy. From an early age he was a fan of designing and building houses, animals, people and whatever else he could think of. Moving from a real to a digital creative environment is really interesting and opens many doors for Кonstantin. When he’s not watching YouTube or playing computer games, he’s working on projects which he sets for himself. Every time he starts painting or modeling, he is motivated by the intention to create something that has not existed before.

How did you learn about ARC Academy?

I found out about ARC Academy when I talked to a colleague from the university and he said that he liked the first year there. Apart from that, the ARC team organized a lecture (presentation) at my friend’s school, where I received more information about the Academy. And also from YouTube ads.

What do you like most about the training so far?

I like the freedom to ask questions and work on a wide range of things. The feedback we receive from the lecturers is really useful in our development and encourages us to continue working. ARC also provides many resources for the students, such as powerful computers and an environment where people can get together and  work on projects.

What inspires you to create?

I want to create things that entertain and inspire people. When I come up with an idea for something or a concept for a really cool project, sometimes I get obsessed with it until I’m done.

What do you think is the most important quality that an artist should have?

In my opinion, the most important quality that an artist must have is to make his thousandth artwork with the same passion as his first. Improving comes with experience, and accepting criticism is easy once you’ve swallowed your ego. If you lose the pleasure of what you do, it is difficult to move on. In my opinion, the artist should stop from time to time and wonder if he still wants to work.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced so far in your training?

At the moment, I cannot say that I have faced any challenges. I think the hard part is yet to come. I will have to work in a team and not lag behind. I will have to deliver quality work that my colleagues rely on.

What advice would you give to someone wondering whether to enroll in the ARC?

ARC Academy has really good teachers and opportunities for development in the game industry. I recommend the academy to anyone who is wondering where to start their studies in this direction. The ARC website contains many resources, guest lectures, and interviews such as that can help you make your choice.

If you too want to start your career in the gaming industry, you can apply for the Game Dev programs of ARC Academy. The deadline is June 31.

If you have any questions about ARC Academy, feel free to require a personal online meeting with our team.