Kristina Petrova – lecturer in the Master’s degree “Advertising and Brand management”

As a lecturer in the Master’s degree “Advertising and Brand management” Kristina Petrova not only helps our students to find creative solutions to business problems but also develops their strategic thinking in the transformation of advertising products. In an interview, she told us about her professional experience and recommended some useful sources from which we can learn more about marketing strategies:

Introduce yourself and tell us what is your occupation at the moment? 

I believe in development and that if we don’t change anything, nothing changes. I am always looking to find a new and different perspective, a new way of thinking, a new process, or a business model, that will lead to development. I am inspired by the projects in which a brand rediscovers itself and its connection with consumers.

What is your professional path?

I have ten years of professional experience in the field of branding and advertising, eight of which are in Saatchi & Saatchi. Now I deal with business development, brand design, and service design as a strategic director at the international business redesign studio Launchlabs Sofia. We help companies to rediscover themselves, to be more innovative, and to create more value and more meaningful products and services.

Tell us more about the subject that you teach at the academy.

In the module “Advertising campaign” we learn about how we breathe life into a brand. How the brand structures and conveys its messages to connect with people, but at the same time how it works for the company’s business purposes. We go through the processes of creating a campaign – from the analysis of the client brief, its transformation into a good creative brief, structure, roles, and processes in the agency and tools for evaluating creative concepts.

Would you share with our current and future students some learning resources (videos, articles, and others) that would help them to learn more about your field of experience?

This video-

This book- “Good strategy, bad strategy”