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Delyan Nikolov

3D Artist


Delyan Nikolov graduated from the Naval Academy, Varna. He has a 13-year career as a marine engineer and mechanic, related to shipping on the oceans and seas.

He got acquainted with 3D art in the distant year 2000. He started with 3D Studio Max, teaching himself. He quickly understood that this art was in his heart, and it is so to this day. Unfortunately, their paths diverge later. One of his greatest achievements during his time studying at the Naval Academy was his graduation work, which he did in 3D Studio Max, on the topic – “Visualization and animation of the working process of a two-stroke marine diesel engine”.

After his higher education, he began to travel, and unfortunately, 3D art remained in the background.

Since 2015, he has been working hard with 3D again, and his desire is to turn it from a hobby into a profession. He is currently working in a small indie game studio and developing his first 3D games. His achievements in 3D art include winning the 3D challenge held by CGZen.