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Georgi Dinchev

Studio Manager, Creative Assembly Sofia


Gamer to the bone! Georgi got into gaming with his first Pravetz 8C PC and to this day he still spends a formidable time playing games. Throughout his career he hasn’t worked in a single company that has not been related to gaming in some way. Georgi co-founded the first Bulgarian web portal for games – 3dzone. He was a regular editor and art director to the cult Bulgarian gaming magazine Gamers’ Workshop. Eventually, he co-founded the Eighth Art, a company which developed an international social network for gamers called UGDB (Universal Gaming Database). The Eighth Art has created multiple projects for companies such as Intel Europe, ESL, BMW, Adidas and many more. He joined Crytek Black
Sea as a producer on Arena of Fate. After the company became part of SEGA Europe’s family of studios as Creative Assembly’s third studio location, he took the role of a Studio Manager of the newly formed Creative Assembly Sofia.


– 3dzone – The first gaming web portal in Bulgaria.
– UGDB – An international social network for gamers before it was cool. Or viable…
– Various Flash/web games for Intel, BMW, Adidas, etc.
– Various mobile indie projects.
– Arena of Fate – a MOBA title with famous characters from history and legend by Crytek Black Sea.
– Total War: Rome II expansions – Empire Divided, Desert Kingdoms, Rise of the Republic from Creative
Assembly Sofia.
– Total War Saga: TROY – the first stand-alone game from Creative Assembly Sofia, to be released in