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Hristo Butsev

UI / UX Artist

Professional experience:

Hristo has worked in the field of design for 10 years, and in the beginning, he helped his father in his advertising agency in his work with different clients. Hristo has been a big fan of games since he was a child – racers, shooters, sports (FIFA, NBA), then GTA and Red Alert. 

During his school years (he graduated from art school) he won national and international competitions related to design (2011 National competition from the Ministry of Culture – 1st place graphic design, 2011 International competition “Bulgarian rose – second place and others)

Hristo’s interest in UI / UX was born during his studies at the National Academy of Arts. From 2013 to 2018 he participated in various projects related to the development of user interface and user experience, during which Hristo studied the consumers and their needs and how they work with the products.

Currently, Hristo is working in the field of financial service for a multinational company,  developing various projects (personal and those for startups )

Hristo has strong fundamental knowledge related to design, the user experience and how to create a successful product for each user.