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Hristo Chukov

Art Director, Gameloft Sofia

Professional experience:
Hristo Chukov is an illustrator and a concept artist for the entertainment industry who has been working in games, movies and book publishing for over 10 years. He has specialized in concept and keyframe art for visual development. Projects include movies and TV shows for Disney, Amazon Prime, New Line Cinema, Wachowskis “Speed Racer” as well as several computers and mobile game titles. In the last few years, Hristo has been doing work with the Aaron Sims Creative Studio in LA. Currently, his main responsibility is being the Art-Director of the Gameloft Sofia where he is in charge of visual content.

Work highlights:
At Gameloft Sofia, Hristo worked mainly on March of Empires, Dungeon Hunter 5, War Planet Online as well as several more projects currently in development. His latest side project is Mouse Guard, a production by Fox and Disney, where he was involved with building the world and the atmosphere of the film.

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