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Ivana Gigova

Level Designer, 11 Bit Studios



After high school, Ivana studied architecture in London and animation cinema in Sofia. Her friends invite her to a Game Jam, where she feels that she belongs in the world of game development. They set up a small studio where he has the freedom to try several different roles. She deals with Concept art, 3D modeling, UI/UX design and helps with whatever else he can. After the formation of the studio, they continued to attend more Game Jams. Over time, she began to learn Unreal Engine and Unity. At one of the Game Jams, she won an ARC scholarship and thus ended up in the Academy in 2020-2021. There she discovered how interesting Level Design was, and that it was something he wanted to do.

In the final project, she takes on the roles of Level Designer and Environment Artist, where she feels at home. She joined the Snapshot Games team as a Junior Level Designer.


Every year Ivana has the amazing opportunity to participate in the creation and maintenance of a mobile application for the Festival of Lights in Berlin as a UI/UX designer.

In addition, she has experience as a freelance graphic designer.

Before finally moving into the world of game creation, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a technical artist for several years. Even in the first year after his return to Bulgaria, she worked as an operator in an Escape Room, where she had the opportunity to constantly observe how different people play, what makes them have fun and what they don’t like.