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Krista Vacheva

Storyboard artist, Worldwide FX


After graduating from the National Academy of Art with a specialization in set design 7 years ago, Krista began her career in the film industry as a storyboard and concept artist.

Even while studying at the Art High School, Krista showed an interest in animated cinema, and the tasks at the Academy helped to guide her professionally in the film industry. In it, I attract the magic that lies in the filmmaking process, in the coordination of people, teams, and resources in the name of a common goal—the transformation of an idea into reality.

Krista loves her job not only because it gives her the opportunity to do what she enjoys the most – drawing, but also because of the variety it offers, because of meeting different people, narrows the communication with the directors and operators of the projects. For her, storyboarding is a living process of communicating and understanding the director’s wishes. Exciting for her are the experiences on set, work-related travel, and the opportunity to create from home.

And when he has free time, he likes to spend it in nature, traveling, reading, being with friends, playing board games, etc.


Part of her filmography are movies such as “The Princess”, “The Young Woman and the Sea”, “The Protege”, “In the “Heart of the Machine”, “Petya of my Petya”, “Till Death”, “Hunter Killer”, and “Rambo: Last Blood”.