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Lyubomir Balabanov

Co-Founder of Grey Universe, Founder of EuroFilms


Lyubomir Balabanov has been working in digital post-production for over 10 years, the last 6-7 years of which he specialized as a colorist.

His teaching experience consists of fans asking him questions on social media about how to take a shot, if that shot is good, and what can be changed about it.

In 2020, he created Gray Universe with his partners, and two years later became the owner of Eurofilms.


In his more than ten years, he has worked as a colorist on more than 21 full-length films, 11 of which are Bulgarian productions and 10 of which are entirely foreign. He also has more than 6 TV series behind him, with a total number of more than 150 episodes.

His latest films are Reunion 2, and Santa Claus.