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Pavel Denkov

Game Programmer, Gameloft Sofia


From 2018 to 2022, Pavel was an honorary lecturer at FMI of SU, as an assistant in the courses: Introduction to Programming, Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures. In 2022 started working as a game programmer on the new project Heroes Of The Dark, and later continued on War Planet Online. He worked on the game’s gameplay, tracking, audio engine and the most interesting part for him – the battle system.

He has organized numerous technical and game events such as the only edition of the IEEE conference in Bulgaria, FMI Codes and Google Hash code hackathons, as well as Sofia Game Night. Second place at FMI Codes 2017 and 6th place at Balkan Hackathon 2018 are his two appearances, which he considers his greatest achievements.

From 2019 conducts education in an informal environment on a wide variety of topics, which he says gives him a wide range of teaching methods outside of a strictly academic environment.


Over the years, he has been involved in both programming and teaching, as well as music education, volunteering, working in the NGO sector and conducting education in an informal environment.

He has worked in 6 organizations and organized over 100+ events of all kinds: sports, music, education, festivals, debates, trainings and academies, etc.