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Petko Ganev

Grooming, lighting, and rendering artist, Cinemotion Ltd.


Petko Ganev has been working in the film industry since 2016. He started his career at the Bulgarian studio Bottleship VFX as a 3D generalist, which gave him a chance to touch all aspects of the process of making VFX shots. He acquired a special affinity for composing and lighting scenes, accompanied by his passion for photography and nature.

In 2022, he started working as grooming, lighting, and rendering artist at the Bulgarian studio Cinemotion Ltd., where he worked on high-budget projects for Universal Pictures, creating photorealistic animals and creatures. 

In his spare time, he indulges in sports such as climbing, surfing, snowboarding, high-mountain trekking, cycling, and rollerblading. Some of his hobbies are photography and guitar playing.


In 2016, he graduated with honors with a bachelor’s degree “Computer and video games” at Southampton, Solent University.

He gained experience working in many diverse productions, such as “Hunter Killer”, “Shanghai Fortress”, “Mosquitto State”, “Starling”, “Moonfall”, “Marcel the Shell with shoes on” and others.

In 2019, Petko was a presenter at FMX, Stuttgart. His lecture was on “Asset Look Development and LnR in a Fast-Paced Environment”.