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Plamen Kokanov

senior programmer, SAP Bulgaria


Plamen graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Technical University of Sofia, majoring in Computer Systems and Technologies.
He has been professionally involved in programming for 9 years and has been a senior programmer at SAP Labs Bulgaria for 5 years. He has experience in almost every aspect of software development, as well as SCRUM and KANBAN methodologies, which are also applied in game development.

For 8 years Plamen has been using Unity for small games, which he creates in his free time. And Unreal Engine for 3 years.
For 2 years he has been working in an indie studio, which he founded with several of his friends – Awkward Pixel. Augmented Reality games and applications are currently being created using Unity and Unreal Engine.

Plamen has always been interested in the whole process of developing games, but mainly in Level and Game Design. During the last semester of his education at ARC, Plamen manages to take exactly the two roles of Level and Game design in the development of the final project – the game Caim.