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Rossen Kazlachev

Texture Artist, Creative Assembly Sofia

Professional Experience:

Rosen started working in 2017 as a 3D Generalist in Battleship VFX. His position included various things, such as effects, lighting, rendering, scripts, preparation of models and materials. There he worked on Bollywood 2.0 and Hunter Killer. In 2018, he switched to the gaming industry as a Texture / VFX artist in Snapshot games. There he made textures, shaders, and effects for Phoenix Point, and his main task was to integrate Substance Designer into the pipeline of the project. A year later Rosen started in  Creative Assembly as a Technical Artist. His main task is again VFX, and in addition, he works on the integration of Houdini in the pipeline of the Total War series, as well as help with textures and scripts.