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Simeon Jekov

3D Artist, Tornado Studios

Professional experience:

Simeon graduated from the University of Ruse in 2011 with a degree in Engineering Design. In 2012 he started working at SIN CARS as a sports car design engineer. The work covers the entire process of designing a car from sketch to suspension. He also worked with CNC machines and 3D printing during this time.

Simeon has been a 3D artist at Tornado Studios for about 6 years. Alone he has accumulated his knowledge before in the field of 3D. From then until today, Tornado Studios provide Simeon with opportunities and challenges to develop his knowledge in the field. Thanks to his work he is competent in the field of modeling, texturing, rendering, Unreal Engine.

Simeon’s motto is – If I can do it, then everyone can do it.