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Svetoslav Petrov

Senior Character Artist, Snapshot Games

Professional Experience:
Svetoslav Petrov is a 2D concept artist and illustrator. In 2009 He graduated animation at the National Academy of theatre and film arts. During the years he has worked in motion and animated movie titles, illustration, comics, and a variety of game types – board, web, PC.

Work highlights:
Some of the titles worth mentioning are Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Chaos Reborn, Critical role, Troll bridge (a short movie based on Terry Pratchett novels). The character’s visual development and illustrations are among his strongest areas. He is working in the sci-fi, horror and mostly in fantasy (which is his favorite) genres.
At Snapshot games, Slavi worked on Chaos Reborn followed by their latest game Phoenix Point. He is responsible for most of the mutated aliens, soldiers and weapon designs.