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Theodor Bonev

Professional Experience and work highlights:
Theodor graduated in 1990 from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, with a degree in sculpture in the class of Professor Velichko Minekov.
The same year he headed out to the Caribbean island of Saint Martin where he legalized his trade as a stonemason. Two years later he started his own company specializing in stone casting, as well as work with marble and bronze. The business took off and in the meanwhile, Theodor became a member of ADAGP – a French association concerning the private property of visual arts. During this time he also worked on monuments and statues for public spaces such as squares, parks, schools, shopping malls, and others.
Theodor Bonev’s drawings are about the immaculate bodies of the Creole people. His simple yet highly appealing sketches made with ink and watercolor rarely stayed for a long time in the local art galleries.
In 2008 he was invited to the city of Changchun, China, where he was an ambassador for the Caribbean with an art piece created on the spot.
Two years later he embarked on a new challenge, this time in South America, after which he went to Israel and later to Paris, France. Before returning to Bulgaria for good, Theodor spent a considerable amount of time in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau. In 2017 he developed and created an exposition themed “Children on the marketplace”. At the moment he is working on a bronze model of the ancient city of Plovdiv.