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Viktor Dosev

Lead Game Designer, Creative Assembly Sofia


According to Viktor game design is the coolest job in the world, so he’s been doing it for 15 years now.

He started at Masthead Studios, working on the first (and only) Bulgarian MMORPG. From there, he went to start his own company with a few colleagues – Savage Dreams, making hardcore Facebook games. Eventually, he decided to join Crytek, for the opportunity to work on his favorite genre at the time – MOBA. He stayed with his team during the studio’s transition to Creative Assembly, where they’ve been making Total War games to this date.


Earthrise – a sandbox MMORPG/Shooter, exploring the ideas of transhumanism.

Agharta: The World Below – an alternative-history Action/RPG for Facebook, based around Nazi occultism and the conspiracy of Hollow Earth.

Arena of Fate – a MOBA, where famous characters from our history and legends have come to life and fight each other for the opportunity to become the gods of a new world.

Total War: Rome II (Rise of the Republic, Empire Divided, Desert Kingdoms)
Total War: Thrones of Britannia
Total War: Three Kingdoms (Yellow Turbans)