Nikola Nachkov – student in the program Game Dev Fundamentals

Nikola learned about ARC when he was still in school and immediately after graduating he enrolled in the Academy. Convinced that he wants to develop professionally in Concept art, he faces the challenges of 3D modeling to make his dream come true. In an interview, he told us about his experience at the Academy and how he found inspiration in art:

1. Introduce yourself in a few sentences. Tell us what you are doing at the moment, what are your hobbies. Which ARC program are you in?

My name is Nikola, I am 20 years old and I am from the town of Peshtera. I graduated from the Game Dev Fundamentals program and in my free time, I like to travel, play sports, draw and play with my two cats. I am currently trying to further develop my artistic skills as I have more free time, and I am also trying to improve 3D modeling skill.

2. What is your path of development and where did your interest in video games come from?

My interest in video games came from a very young age. We gathered with friends and played in computer halls all day. Since then, I love drawing, and games have inspired me to come up with new ideas. When I was graduating from high school, I came across ArtStation – I saw some of the best concept artists in the industry and I said to myself that this is what I want and need to do. A year later, I found out about the Academy and applied immediately.

3.  Tell us more about what you are oriented in (game or any other) industry and whether the Academy has changed your views.

I want to do concept art, with this idea I entered the Academy and my desire to develop increased instantly. ARC changed my views on a lot of things, one of which is the use of 3D in concept art. It also became clearer to me what my career path may be. The academy helped me understand exactly how the production process in a studio works and how important teamwork is.

4. What are the biggest challenges you face at the Academy?

The biggest challenge was probably 3D modeling, an area in which I was slacking off for a long time, but when I started working on it, I realized how much it helps. Every task that was given to us challenged me to give my best and improve.


5. What is your way of learning?

I like to learn practically, for me the best way to learn is to try. But in order to do well in practice, you need to know the theory. There must be a balance between the two in order to take as much knowledge as possible.