Participate in the competition for scholarships under the program “Game Dev Fundamentals”

The Game Dev Fundamentals scholarship competition has already begun. Apply and you can become one of the five fellows who will receive 30% scholarship.

The scholarships are provided by ABF (America for Bulgaria Foundation).

Game Dev Fundamentals is an important first step towards the goal of joining the Game Dev industry. The program aims to unleash your creative potential by teaching you the fundamentals. You will have the opportunity to develop your creativity by learning the basic principles of design and artistic mastery. Of course, you will also learn to work with the necessary programs and softwares, widely used by the industry..


This year the program will be hybrid of both present and online, as some lecturers, depending on their family situation, such as living with elder parents, may prefer to teach remotely. We appreciate the understanding.


To participate in the competition, you only need to show us your creative skills!

The story:

Imagine that the time is 450 year BC. One day, many portals appear on Earth, leading to different parts of the world. The curiosity of the Thracians, who inhabit the Danube valley, makes them pass through one of the portals leading to the Yucatan Peninsula. At that time this land was inhabited by the Mayan tribes. The Thracians are ready to take over the unknown territory. The clash of the two civilizations leads to a fierce war. What sustains the tribes in battle is the belief in their deities.

The  task:

Make a few sketches / illustrations of 3-4 poses of a Thracian warrior and / or a May deity or if you decide, you can send us a whole storyboard.

Join the competition until April 9!

You have the freedom to paint both on paper and digitally. You can attach the drawings in the contact form below.

According to the requirements of the ARC Academy for application, you must have completed the first high school stage (10th grade), attach your CV, as well as tell us about your motivation to participate in the program.

The five finalists will be selected by an internal ARC jury. In addition to being notified in person on April 19, 2020, we will officially announce their names on the ARC Academy website.