Participate in the Game Dev Advanced Scholarship Competition

You can become one of the five fellows who will receive 30% scholarship for the Game Dev Advanced program.

The scholarships are provided by ABF ( America for Bulgaria Foundation).


The story:

We know that most of us are looking forward to the release of Cyberpunk 2077, so we decided to immerse you in the cyber depths of the game. We’ve changed the storyline slightly so that we can not only give you the full potential of creativity, but also so that you can show us the skills you have!

The task:

Your name is G and you live in a big city called Metrotown. You are a half-human half-robot and you are part of a large criminal group that aims to take over the whole city through a secret weapon the group possesses. But you are pretending. You are a good guy and your goal is to destroy this weapon.

You are about 25 years old, one of your hands is robotic and you have a chip on your face. Always smiling, you like to wear your black rocker jacket and the cyber weapon with which you are always ready to defend yourself.

We give you 3 tasks, and you choose which of them to complete and send us!

  1. Concept art needed:

а) The hero and his weapon

b) What does the location of the criminal group’s hideout look like?

  1. Explain how the gameplay of the whole game works and how the story would continue. (1000-1200 words)
  2. Make a 3D model of:

a) The hero and his weapon

b) The location of the group’s hideout?

Join the competition until April 10


This year the program will be hybrid of both present and online, as some lecturers, depending on their family situation, such as living with elder parents, may prefer to teach remotely. We appreciate the understanding.

According to the requirements of ARC Academy for application, you must have completed the first stage of high school (10th grade), attach your CV and portfolio, in which you present your professional experience and skills in the fields: design, script, art projects or something else in the creative industries.

The five finalists will be selected by an internal ARC jury. In addition to being notified in person on April 20, 2020, we will officially announce their names on the ARC Academy website.