Partnership with America for Bulgaria Foundation

Our cause is a noble one. ARC Academy is here to help students steer their aspirations towards a path to professional satisfaction and personal growth. We are dedicated to expanding the talent pool in the creative, modern and content creating fields in Bulgaria and beyond. We believe that without a qualified workforce businesses cannot grow – and without growing businesses, there wouldn’t be alluring opportunities that would compel young people to remain and flourish in the country. 

Nonetheless, finding someone like-minded, passionate about bringing sustainable changes in our lives as you are, is a tall task and this is why we are privileged to have the America for Bulgaria Foundation (ABF) as our partner in this endeavor. We are more than delighted to have found such a diligent collaborator and the financial backing and scholarships that the foundation provides us with are highly appreciated. The ABF grants, extended with great generosity, are used to fulfil the dreams and goals of a number of young Bulgarians who we are certain will not only change the professional sphere they are embarking on but also the society we live in. And this is the main reason why it is such a pleasure to be working side by side with ABF – we share common ideals, ethics and overall perspective on life.

To many more years working together, bringing changes through ardent and discerning individuals for the greater good of the people!