Plamen Kokanov – student in the program Game Dev

ARC Academy is a great place for anyone who wants to develop games, movies and digital art. The teachers at the academy are sо cool and responsive. They are ready to answer absolutely all questions and manage to pass their knowledge to us very well. They work in the game industry and know what students need to focus on when they are looking for a job.

In fact, the whole ARC Academy team is very positive and motivated, and you won’t have problems communicating with them. If necessary, additional consultations with lecturers are quickly organized, which provide useful guidance in the development of student projects.

Practical tasks are the basis of the learning process. This not only makes it more interesting, but also helps to build a portfolio that can then be used to apply for a job.

The training facilities are also at a very high level and everyone can use the computers available in the hall to work on their homework and projects.

Learning at ARC is a super cool experience where you come out with a lot of new knowledge, friends and contacts and be prepared for a career in the game industry.