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Game Dev Fundamentals


We are the perfect school for people with creative inclinations and needs. Our environment channels inspiration and creativity.

How do I get into ARC Academy? 

Game Dev is a program for people who want to develop in the field of game creation, without necessarily having special knowledge and experience in this field. What applicants need to demonstrate is serious motivation and dedication to spend the next 2 years (4 semesters) studying the process of creating video games. In return, at the end of the program, they will have a game of their own in their portfolio.

What’s required to apply?


If you can draw, you should submit a portfolio (a selection of 5-7 examples of your best work). Otherwise, other pieces of art (scripts, text, digital art, music, video, etc.) that highlight your creativity, will also suffice. 


CV, including educational background and interests. 

motivational presentation

Letter about your personal motivation – what makes you think that you are right for Game Dev program, and why is ARC right for you. Include some of your professional aspirations. 


Proof of completed high school.


Early Admission

 March 31th, 2021

Regular Admission (until places are filled):
3 places for Concept Art
2 places for 3D Modelling
2 places for Game Design
Classes start:

 October 16th, 2021

Online meeting with ARC

Want to learn more about ARC programs, training and application? By sending an inquiry from the contact form below, you will have the opportunity to organize a virtual meeting with the ARC team, where we can meet and answer all your questions!

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