Creativity takes many shapes and forms. We are the perfect school for people with creative inclinations and needs. From branding through game and interior design to film, we offer ample scope for expression and learning.

How do I get into ARC Academy?

We look for motivation and dedication. ARC Digital Arts Fundamentals is for people with little knowledge or experience. Demonstrate motivation and dedication and you’re in. That’s your chance to spend the next two semesters, preparing for our next level Game, Film or Space Design program.


  • Admission open: May 22nd 2019
  • Early Admission Deadline: July 31th 2019
  • Regular Admission Deadline: September 15th 2019
  • Classes start: October 14th 2019

What’s required to apply?

  • Submit a link with your online portfolio or a selection of 5 to 7 of your best work – sketches and drawings.
  • Letter about your personal motivation – what makes you think that you are right for ARC Digital Arts Fundamentals, and why is ARC right for you, as well share some of your professional aspirations.
  • Proof of completed high school.