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Game Dev Fundamentals (Online)


Online Game Dev Fundamentals is a great choice for talents aspiring a career in the creative spectrum of the game development industry.

The online format eliminates the need for relocation, while still offering the opportunity to meet with and learn from working professionals, as are all of ARC’s lecturers. This makes it a perfect fit for high school students, people with busy schedules or people living outside Sofia.

The program is designed to give highly motivated people, with discipline to work from home, a strong start in the long journey to becoming professionals. It consists of three main visual storytelling fields, such as Game Design, Concept Art, and 3D modelling.

Just like our in-person programs, the online format introduces the students to subjects that are actual positions in the game dev studios. Individual career consultations,  profiling and mentoring from experienced professionals make for a highly effective and personalized approach focused on developing in-demand applicable skills.

The Game Dev Fundamentals Online (GDFO) Program can also be a stepping stone for our Game Dev Advanced (GDA) Program – the highest level of training we offer, which will soon also be available in an online format.