Game Dev Fundamentals (Online)

Join ARC Academy’s Game Art Challenge.

Full information about the competition and application form can be found here.


Online programs inherently require a degree of discipline and self-motivation, as is with every work we do from home. What applicants need to demonstrate is some skills, and a serious motivation.

How do I get into ARC Academy?

Choosing the right profile will be crucial for the success of your studies and the value each student will be able to extract from the program. We acknowledge the importance of making the right choice as much as we recognize the fact that talents often need guidance throughout the process. This is why we focused the admission process on helping our candidates navigate the possibilities before they make a decision.

What’s required to apply?

Every candidate will have to send a motivation letter with a quick description of their professional experience, interests and aspirations. A student counselor  from ARC will contact them for an interview and depending on the areas of interest, the counselor will outline the  steps and requirements. The process is easy and meant to assist our students in making the right choice in programs and the best direction for their skills and talents.


  • Admission open: November 15th 2020
  • Career counselling:  November 2020 – February 2021 *
  • Admission Deadline: February 15th 2021
  • Classes start: March 2021