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Game Dev Advanced


Going into the second school year or third & fourth semesters, the profiles from the previous year become sub profiles (real studio job profiles) in the student’s studies and they follow as such:

Concept Art 

Students can choose to direct their efforts more into Environment design or the designing of Characters. Both types of abilities are needed in the industry, but it takes a long time and much work to master each

3D Art

Creating 3D content for Environments or Characters becomes more vertical and specialized. For example there are different techniques used for texturing characters and environments and many other particulars regarding both areas. Another area our students can choose to focus is Animation.

Game Design

Game Design includes many aspects and in addition to learning visual scripting in engines and documentation, our Game Design majors have the option to focus on three different areas: Game Design, Level Design and Mission Design. Creative writing and storytelling is also part of the Game Design profile.