Game Dev Advanced


We are the perfect school for people with creative inclinations and needs. Our environment channels inspiration and creativity. 

How do I get into ARC Academy?

Game Dev Advanced is for people that want to transition into the gaming industry from a similar one. Applicants with experience from the music or movie industry, architecture, digital art, graphic or web design, etc. would most likely have a solid base to build upon and all they would need is to show their motivation to begin their path in game development.

  • Admission open: February 1th 2020
  • Early Admission Deadline: March 31th 2020
  • Regular Admission Deadline: September 15th 2020 or while vacancies last
  • Classes start: October 24th 2020

What’s required to apply?

  • Submit a link with your online portfolio (designs, scenarios, installation, art work or other creative projects)
  • Share your past professional experience and skills acquired.
  • Submit a letter about your personal motivation – what makes you think that you are right for Game Dev Advanced, and why is ARC right for you, as well as share some of your professional aspirations.
  • Proof of completed high school