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Game Dev Advanced

Curriculum sessions

The program in the second year follows a modular approach, mimicking the production process of a real game studio. After the introductory lectures, students are profiled and guided into one of eight paths, according to their skill sets and interests – Concept Art Character, Concept Art Environment, 3D Character Modelling, 3D Environment Modelling, Animation, Game Design, Level Design, Mission Design. 

Students will work in teams towards creating playable video game builds to serve as their portfolio in the end of their two year journey in the Academy. These teams will go through a pitch, alpha and gold module, each followed by presentations in front of lecturers and mentors for the sake of feedback.

Courses (semester 3)

Throughout the second school year, students from every major apply their learning to an actual hands on game project. They work with mentors and with each other, to collaborate in the creation of game prototypes and in the process get introduced to marketing and the system of game publishing – an important business side of indie Game Development and creation.


Game Lab

Everyone’s learning throughout the two year program at ARC Academy, culminates with this practical phase, namely the Game Lab. In it our students team up in the creation of game projects, where everyone contributes with the skills they acquired and in the career roles they aspire to. This stage gives students a realistic idea of what it means to create a game, but it also informs them about the business side of that process. The areas they can expect to learn about are as follows:

  • Indie game studio
  • Project planning
  • Prototyping
  • Business models
  • Publishing
  • Presentation